When I go to New York City again, I’d do this first

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Along many streets in New York City, there are occasionally kiosks with a person inside – this one is sponsored by the Grand Central Partnership, but they are just about everywhere. The first thing I would do would be to stop here and ask for the magazine, “Jazz Inside” – which lists many of the venues around the city with their current schedule of jazz artists that will be playing there.

NYC Kiosk for the Grand Central Partnership - New York Tourism Goodies - cricketdiane photo in motion 2010

NYC Kiosk for the Grand Central Partnership - New York Tourism Goodies - cricketdiane photo in motion 2010

Yes, this is not the best photo of something ever taken and I think some of the kiosks have a little umbrella overhead. There is also the Times’ Square Alliance which has a walk-in space that probably has it also. I had to ask specifically for it but the lady was so nice and gave me a copy. They are available to anyone who asks and many hotels probably have them too.

The first thing I will do when going to New York again, is to get a copy of this magazine and starting at the back cover, where on this issue from around Thanksgiving last year had the listings for the Blue Note Jazz Club and Restaurant.

Blue Note Jazz Club & Restaurant New York City listing on Jazz Inside magazine back cover - cricketdiane photo 2010

Blue Note Jazz Club & Restaurant New York City listing on Jazz Inside magazine back cover - cricketdiane photo 2010

Online, I checked to see what could easily be available to tourists before heading to New York City and at least this one, seems interesting and there are a couple others which I will list here including a travel bureau style company that I stumbled upon after coming back home that has come nifty packages. Also, before going to New York City, I had been online at the Times’ Square Alliance site that has a great deal of information on it about things currently ongoing in the city.

Here is what the Jazz Inside magazine looks like – Yes, I would stop and get this first . . .

Jazz Inside magazine available in New York City from the tourism kiosks and elsewhere - cricketdiane photo 2011

Jazz Inside magazine available in New York City from the tourism kiosks and elsewhere - cricketdiane photo 2011

This is “The Official New York City Guide to …. ” Everything – (more or less). It didn’t seem to have some things. When the anime festival is happening – it may or may not be listed there. I don’t know. It has a lots of things, though.

Here is another one I like better –

Times Square Alliance 1560 Broadway Suite 800. New York, NY 10036. Phone: (212) 768-1560. Fax: (212) 768-0233. Email:

I like this part too – it has a page with more information about it –

From theaters to ballrooms to high-tech conference rooms to elegant restaurants with panoramic neighborhood views, our neighborhood has an event space to suit your needs.

(from the Times Square Alliance website – really makes it something to think about – maybe do something big . . . )


cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - casio 253-2 Carnegie Hall NYC - cricketydiane photo 2010

cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - casio 253-2 Carnegie Hall NYC - cricketydiane photo 2010

(I could’ve gone to see Arlo Guthrie at the Carnegie Hall celebration at Thanksgiving when I was there, if I had known in time.)

Carnegie Hall has special things going on all the time and their website with the listings of what those things would be is found here –

And it is nice, but to see an entire schedule at a glance – this independent ticket broker shows a list all at once. I am not endorsing them here because I’ve never bought tickets through the Carnegie Box Office nor through this independent ticket broker, so that would be up to anyone wanting to do this, to figure out the way to go about it and what works – but here is the listing. It is phenomenal –

Easy to see, easy to use – and then, it would have to be figured out, what would be the best way to get those tickets.


And, these people are great – they actually email back, if someone looks for a package information and they’re really nice. The packages have an entire group of extras that are included – definitely check that.

Their name is – New York City Vacation Experts, maybe – check the right hand side of most pages which shows a list of what is included in the packages for getting around town to a variety of events and venues as part of most of their package deals. Very nifty.


00 - cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 5 - Christmas at Tiffany's New York City 142-2 - cricketdiane photo 2010

00 - cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 5 - Christmas at Tiffany's New York City - cricketdiane photo 2010

(Note – neither of these NY Passes include running around inside Tiffany’s and buying stuff or window shopping – however, anyone can do that for free. There are several floors. It is all beautiful and there is a case on one wall in the street level gallery which shows the Tiffany diamond. It is yellow – gorgeous and has a little bird on top hopping on it or holding it, depending on the perspective. It is absolutely worth seeing.)

Also – this NY Pass thing looks really good. Some union members and corporate employees recreation groups have some tickets available to buy through them, but check to see first whether it is actually discounted more than the sometimes current discounts they are offering generally from time to time at the actual NY Pass website – more about that can be found here:

(to find out if your union or employee recreation club has discounted passes and other tickets for things in New York City or anywhere, call the union office or club office and ask – there is usually a website or an officer in charge of that who knows.)

There are at least two different types of these – one type gives a free pass (at an initial fee) to a number of venues which would have to all be visited in one day, or across a couple days to be affordable – or whatever combination of sites could actually be seen. That seemed a bit much to me.

It says these couple things on their site that I thought were worthy of note –

You have a whole year from the date of purchase to activate your New York Passes and Bus Packages – so why not consider ordering in advance and enjoy planning your trip at home with our 176 page guidebook.


As well as free entry, the New York Pass allows you to skip long lines at the busiest tourist attractions. Simply look for the New York Pass signs and show the attendant your New York Pass – they will swipe your card through the New York Pass machine and you will be allowed entrance – more >>

The New York Pass is valid for use on consecutive days only. You can visit each attraction just once with the New York Pass. At the end of your validity period, the pass will expire and will no longer allow access to attractions. If, for example, you used a three day pass for the first time on Monday, your pass will cease working at the end of Wednesday, regardless of how often you have used it in between.

There was another one I had found somewhere – let me see, where was it . . .

I’ve forgotten where I found it, or if it is another part of the New York Pass – but it is set up to allow a certain number of attractions to be visited, provided that they are visited within a month of purchasing it, something like that. And, the price for it seemed a bit more reasonable, since going across New York City to see things (all by itself) just does take a certain amount of time. I’ll find it.

But first, there is this that everyone should go see while in New York and everybody needs to know about it being available to see and experience without spending an arm and a leg to do it. This one is truly inspiring, the building – the sculptures, the history of it and the National Museum of the American Indian that is now housed in it.


Well, while I’m looking for that – you have gotta see this. I didn’t get to see it while I was in New York, but it is free and the building that it is housed in is incredible. When I was researching online about some of the architects that are famous for what they created, I found that this building that had housed the US Customs for New York City – now has the National Museum of the American Indian in it. There are the most beautiful sculptures in front of it and the building itself is worth seeing. It is an American treasure.

The National Museum of the American Indian, George Gustav Heye Center, is located at One Bowling Green adjacent to the northeast corner of Battery Park, New York, New York.

First People – National Museum of the American Indian opening page link –

Amazing – the building was designed by Cass Gilbert, famous for a number of other building and it has sculptures by some of the most famous master sculptors of the time (1899 – 1907).

Alexander Hamilton Custom House (National Museum of the American Indian and Federal Bankruptcy Court)/originally U.S. Custom House, 1 Bowling Green, bet. State and Whitehall Sts. to Bridge St. 1899 – 1907.  Cass Gilbert. Sculptures, “Four Continents”: E to W: Asia, America, Europe, Africa, Daniel Chester French: Adolph A. Weinman, associate.  Cartouche at 7th-story attic, Karl Bitter.  Rotunda ceiling paintings, 1936-1937, Reginald Marsh.  Partial interior.  Alterations for the National Museum of the American Indian, 1994.  Ehrenkrantz & Ekstut.  Museum open 10-5 daily. 212-283-2420.
No less grand is the interior, whose giant oval rotunda, embellished by Reginald Marsh’s WPA-commissioned murals is the crowning architectural space.  It has remained vacant except for temporary activities since the Customs Service vacated the Custom House in favor of the World Trade Center in 1973.  The Museum of the American Indian has infilled much of these spaces since its installation. (information from the above site link at New York Architecture).

Alexander Hamilton Customs House sculpture

Alexander Hamilton Customs House sculpture - Now stands in front of the National Museum of the American Indian in New York City


There are sculptures to represent each of the four continents. It is such an appropriate place for a museum about the First Peoples.


Here is one place that offers an “Explorer Pass” where six places can be visited within thirty days, but it is not the one I had found originally – it is probably on a document in one of my computers. Anyway, here is this one and it doesn’t have a large number of the venues available to go see, and it is worth finding the one that does which is set up in a similar way. Maybe I had found it through one of the travel agency groups or on expedia or something like that. I’ll keep looking. It is very nifty, if I can find it.

From there site, it explains –

Pass to New York City

An amazing deal on the best attractions in New York City — all on one Pass.

Have a great time on your visit to New York City without breaking the bank. We’ve combined some of our most popular attractions into a single money saving Pass. You get all 6 for one low price and have up to 30 days to see them all.

and, I will find the other one that is here somewhere on these computers.

– cricketdiane


One more picture, while I’m thinking about it –

Do make sure and see this – when visiting Grand Central Station. There are visitors information sites and helpful people who will explain where it is, if asked . . .

cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - Grand Central Station Flag of Heroes New York City 201-2 - cricketdiane NYC photo 2010

cricketdiane10 - NY - Day 4 - Grand Central Station Flag of Heroes New York City 201-2 - cricketdiane NYC photo 2010 - It says: "This flag contains the names of the emergency services personnel who gave their lives to save others in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Now and forever it will represent their immortality. We shall never forget them."

Here is the website describing it and why it exists –

10th Anniversary Edition
Flag of Heroes
is created from the the name, rank and affiliation of The first responders lost on 9/11 including FDNY, PAPD, NYPD, EMS and Court Officers.
Some gave all so others might live.

Which is a good reminder that it will be the tenth anniversary of this event on September 11, this year. There will likely be events to commemorate it.


I think this is the other option on the New York City Pass concept that I had found just after getting back home, which figures –

Appears to be marked down right now and there is currently a big to do for restaurants in New York City to show off what they do best – it is food celebration of goodies and bits – found it on the New York Times’ Square Alliance site and it goes through Feb. 8, 2011 from right now, starting today maybe.

Very nifty. I’d gain fifty pounds just trying everything at least once . . .

I couldn’t help it – I’d just have to.

and that is my note about it.


One other quick thing I found which is very substantial and would be worth seeing –

The Forbes Magazine Galleries –

Includes the Faberge Room, as in Faberge Eggs and a Toy Room with 500 toy boats and 12,000 miniature soldiers, and a Trophy Room. It is only open Tuesdays through Saturday from 10 am to 4 pm with Thursdays reserved for group tours by reservation. It is in the Forbes Magazine building at 60 Fifth Avenue, for free.

From their website –

The Forbes Galleries, located in the heart of Greenwich Village, are tucked within the lobby of
Forbes Magazine’s headquarters in New York City. The Galleries are open free to the public
10:00 a.m. — 4:00 p.m. on Tuesdays through Saturdays.
Thursdays are reserved for group tours and advance reservations are required.

For more information about visiting The Forbes Galleries,
please browse the links at the left or call 212-206-5548.

The Forbes Galleries
62 Fifth Avenue (at 12th Street)
New York City
Tuesday – Saturday
10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Also of note –

Photography is not permitted within the Galleries.
For press and other special photography, including filming and videotape projects, requests must be made in advance to the Forbes Corporate Communications Department at 212-206-5104 during business hours.

For general queries or reproduction rights to publish works of art in The Forbes Collection, please contact the Curatorial Department at 212-206-5549 during business hours.

from –

It does say the galleries are handicap accessible, but that strollers are not allowed in the galleries.


The Forbes Magazine Galleries

Located in the Forbes Magazine building at 60 Fifth Avenue, this free museum displays an intriguing assortment of goodies that the late Malcolm S. Forbes, Sr. began collecting back in the 1930’s. The impressive collection features over 12,000 toy soldiers, 500 toy boats, 12 Fabergé Imperial Easter Eggs (only Queen Elizabeth has more) and objets d’art, Presidential papers and historical documents. The gallery also displays other memorabilia including as antique trophies and several original versions of the game Monopoly.

(a site intent on advertising everything makes this statement about the Forbes Galleries which apparently isn’t the case anymore.)

This is the Forbes Connoisseurs’ Guide that describes the collection of toy soldiers – it has probably been sold. The Faberge Imperial Easter Eggs were sold that the Forbes patriarch had collected.

That is so wrong – damn near everything in America has been sold off that wasn’t nailed down.


This has a few pictures of what used to be there –

Forbes’ tiny toys will be sold in NYC

Published: Friday, September 24, 2010


Never mind – there is probably nothing there worth seeing anymore. It currently has a show of costume jewelry and a show that I would consider not really worthwhile – but I haven’t seen it – called “Secrets”. I don’t want to see that. It is up to you. It is free.

They need someone to think through what is available of other people’s collections like the ones they sold that would be worthwhile to show in their beautiful gallery spaces. I don’t know that they are there yet and are probably paying a fortune to whoever is the current curating staff for it. Durn.

Let’s see what else I can find . . .

In Atlanta there used to be a toy museum that was great. I don’t know if it is still there. Maybe there is one in New York . . .


– cricketdiane


Just a note – probably almost any collector would loan their goodies to Forbes for their galleries and be proud to do it, if they would cover the insurance on it. Don’t they know that?

There are collections of little hand-made sailboats that are gorgeous. Nobody ever even gets to see them. They could have that displayed. There are beautiful collections of Netsuki and antiques of all kinds that are substantial and gorgeous. But, no…..

I did find something even better though –

Hall of Fame for Great Americans Colonnade - New York, New York

Hall of Fame for Great Americans Colonnade - New York, New York

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is the original hall of fame in the United States.[2] “Fame” here means “renown” (rather than today’s more common meaning of “celebrity“).[3] Its originator, Chancellor Henry Mitchell MacCracken, acknowledged inspiration from the Ruhmeshalle (Hall of Fame) in Munich, Germany.[4]

It is a secular national shrine on the grounds of the Bronx Community College of the City University of New York located in The Bronx, New York, New York. Though the Hall’s renown has itself faded, its glorious architecture remains, and the hall stands as a shrine not just to great men, but to Roman ideals of fame favored at the beginning of the 20th century.[5]

Completed in 1900, as part of the original New York University campus at the site, the building was donated by Helen Gould and was formally dedicated on May 30, 1901.[6]

The Hall of Fame stands on the heights occupied by the British army in its successful attack upon Fort Washington in the autumn of 1776. Dr. Henry Mitchell MacCracken, originator of The Hall of Fame and Chancellor of New York University once said:

Lost to the invaders of 1776, this summit is now retaken by the goodly troop of ‘Great Americans’, General Washington their leader. They enter into possession of these Heights and are destined to hold them, we trust, forever.

The memorial structure is an open-air colonnade, 630 feet in length with space for 102 bronze sculptures, designed in the neoclassical style by architect Stanford White. The library is comparable to Low Library at Columbia, designed by White’s partner Charles McKim.[5] The colonnade also runs behind (west of) the Hall of Languages to the south, and the Hall of Philosophy to the north.[9]

Carved in stone on pediments of The Hall of Fame are the words “By wealth of thought, or else by mighty deed, They served mankind in noble character. In worldwide good they live forever more.”

The base to each sculpture holds a bronze tablet bearing the name of the person commemorated, significant dates, achievements and quotations. Each bronze bust must have been made specifically for The Hall of Fame and must not be duplicated within 50 years of its execution.

(from wikipedia – )

wowsa – now that is amazing.


That’s more like it.

– cricketdiane


A little more about it –

The 98 bronze busts that line the Colonnade are original works by distinguished American sculptors. The bronze tablets recessed in the wall beneath the busts carry inscriptions of significant statements made by the men and women honored.

Among the master sculptors represented here are Daniel Chester French, sculptor of the Lincoln Memorial; James Earl Fraser, whose work includes the figures of “Justice” and “Law” for the U.S. Supreme Court, and Frederick MacMonnies, whose reliefs grace Fifth Avenue’s Washington Arch. The Hall of Fame’s 98 portrait busts have been called “the largest and finest collection of bronze busts anywhere in our country.” The categories of occupation or endeavor represented in the Hall of Fame are authors, educators, architects, inventors, military leaders, judges, theologians, philanthropists, humanitarians, scientists, statesmen, artists, musicians, actors, and explorers.

The Hall of Fame for Great Americans is rich in history, unrivaled for its architecture, and serves as a focus for educational reinforcement and a stage for related programs and exhibits. The Hall of Fame is open to the public for tours daily between the hours of 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Admission is free.


Yes, wowsa! That is beyond all measure and user friendly on top of it all . . . a place where children and families can go and where apparently something is there that is extremely worthwhile to talk about and to know about. Wow.

I have got to go there and see it. I can’t wait. Almost as good as the Statue of Liberty. Well, almost . . .

– cricketdiane



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