Magic fantasy lighting in New York highlight fun moodscapes for visitors and residents of New York City

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When I was standing taking these pictures in New York, a little girl about eight said to her parents walking nearby, “I want a camera. I want a camera.” As an outsider to New York, it occurred to me at the time that they could issue disposable cameras or small digital cameras to every little kid under twelve as a tourist promotion or a residents learn about your city promotion – how fun would that be –


cricketdiane10 - NY Day 2-3 samsung 077-2

photo of lighted trees and their reflection in a building's window making it look like a wonderland in New York City at night


This was the photo I was taking, along with the one below. Neither captured the twinkli-ness of the scene that I was trying to get. Many times, when I would be taking pictures, despite the small digital cameras in my hands, people in New York would stop to let me get the photo or simply go around me rather than ending up in the view I was trying to capture. That to me, is amazing.


cricketdiane10 - NY Day 2-3 samsung 076-2
The same photo of New York’s fantasy lighting of trees at night along walkways and in courtyards – in this case reflecting in the windows of a great building’s elegant lobby.

Here is where those trees sit in the environment (New York City) near Radio City Music Hall –


cricketdiane10 - NY Day 2-3 samsung 074-2

New York City street fantasy lighting near Radio City Music Hall - lighted trees reflect on building elements nearby

These were taken in November around the Thanksgiving holiday. It may be dull in that area during the rest of the year – I should go check . . .

– cricketdiane




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