Welcome to the New York City Outsiders Guide by CricketDiane

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This has the name “outsiders guide” because I don’t live in New York City and in fact, have never lived in New York City. But, I’ve studied it and when I went there to visit, I discovered some very nifty things about myself – like the fact that I couldn’t remember things I knew about New York and places there when I was there. That said, I did come home and look up some of those things, and discovered other things too along the way.

The tour I took of New York was partly influenced by the fact that I went there without a lot of money – first of all. And, second of all – the things I set about finding in New York are more particularly of interest to me than possibly to someone else because of the things I had studied beforehand sitting at my computer and from books studied over the years.

This blog and several others are to be a place to describe these things, post my photos and some of the research that I’ve done about New York City which yielded both delightful and interesting results.

I suppose that when most people go to New York City to visit, they are enamored of it as well. Truly, it is an amazing place and an American icon of so many things that are America, including our contributions from a vast array of nationalities, peoples and talents all coming together to create new and wonderful things. Our entire history as a nation and as a people is filled with these things and New York contains many reminders of it where the concentration is so evident.

It may be that I won’t ever get to visit again. I don’t know. But, from where I live in Atlanta as an outsider to the world of New York, there are things I can contribute about it that might be of interest to people who are going to visit or who live there now. It is a strangely resourced place, to say the least.

I hope you enjoy the ride as you join me in this blog and its posts, photos, research and stories. Welcome.

– cricketdiane



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